Bike from the 90s perfect condition

I bought this bike in October, and I loved used it. But now I have to leave Zurich and therefore sell it.

I found this bike at Scampi Cicli, a Vintage Racing Bike Boutique, where I went because I knew they are the best at renovating vintage racing bikes. This bike was not one of their products, but a personal one of a friend of them, who was just letting it there to make people see it.
The guys at the shop of course saw it, certified that everything was 100% working and cured every possible detail.

The bike itself is perfect. It's a red and white Pogliaghi from the 90s, with Campagnolo brakes and everything on it is original (except for the chain handler which will be removed and the fender, which can be easily removed in case you don't like it). The owner kept it marvelously.

Its size is 57, which is big. I am 180 and I drove it comfortably, but somebody who is 185 would be perfect sized for it. That said, since I guess nobody is gonna do professional racing with it, I would say anyone from 177 to 193 is gonna be fine on it.

I paid it 950 CHF. The owner of the shop told me he would personally have sold it for 1200-1300, and after having ridden it I see why. I think its value is more than 1100 CHF, but since I paid it 950 (+ 50 for the fender), I will be happy to sell it for the same price (I for sure didn't subtract any value from it, since I drove it 3 months out of more than 20 years of living). I am open to negotiations because I have to sell it before February but I think that anybody who sees its value will be happy to pay what I ask.

You can send me an email if you are interested and want to see and try it: